Find Out How Julie Chrisley is Making a Difference in Prison Education

Former reality star Julie Chrisley, who is also Savannah’s mother, is making the most of her prison sentence by giving back and changing the world. Savannah discussed some of Julie’s letters, which provided insight into the educational initiatives she is working on inside the prison walls, on a recent episode of her podcast, “Unlocked.”

In one of her letters, Julie said, “I’m teaching a real estate class.” She clarified that despite having few resources, she had to look for knowledge for the class and that she is committed to changing things. If you get the ribbon and commissary, you can access a typewriter and an antiquated book, she disclosed.

Julie’s involvement doesn’t end there, though. In addition, she attends other jail courses as a student and participates in one of them as a judge. She is actually a shark in their Shark Tank presentation. In addition to keeping Julie occupied, these chances allow her to share her expertise and experiences with other prisoners.

Even more astounding is the possibility that Julie’s participation in these educational initiatives will directly affect the date of her release. Her classes under the First Step Act (FSA) provide prisoners credits toward an early release. Julie is honored to be a part of this journey, which aims to provide convicts the tools they need to succeed upon their release from jail.

Julie had conflicting opinions about her FSA course experience in her letters; she called it a “waste of time” but still valued the credit it offered. Nevertheless, she discovered that many prisoners’ release dates were advanced as a result of the FSA credits they obtained, so she personally saw the beneficial effects of these programs. For those impacted, this is an exciting time, and Julie is overjoyed to see how far they have come.


Julie is steadfast in her desire to change the world, even if it’s unclear if she’s still teaching the real estate course or taking other classes. She is employed, however it’s unclear exactly what capacity she plays. In her letters, she stated, “I started work on the 27th [of February 2023],” highlighting how happy she is to be working.

For fraud and tax evasion, Julie and her husband, Todd Chrisley, were first given a combined sentence of 19 years in jail. But as they wait for the results of their appeals, their sentences have been shortened, with Julie spending five years and Todd serving ten years. Savannah gave the encouraging news that their oral arguments were accepted by the appeals court, bringing her parents one step closer to returning home.

Julie is committed to changing the world via education and supporting her fellow prisoners while she manages her incarceration. Her commitment to healing and personal development is admirable, and her work may result in an early release. Julie Chrisley is demonstrating that transformation is achievable, even in the unlikeliest of locations.

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