Driver Found Guilty in Crash That Severed 17-Year-Old Volleyball Player’s Legs

A young victim is determined not to let tragedy define her.

Janae Edmondson, 17, suffered a life-altering injury when a vehicle collided with her during a volleyball game, resulting in the amputation of both her legs. Daniel Riley, the driver, was convicted on several counts, including driving without a license and second-degree assault. Riley’s final sentencing is set for April 18, and a jury has suggested an 18-year and nine-month jail term.

Riley had broken his release terms over forty times, although he was out on bail at the time of the accident. Riley struck a yield sign at a crosswalk in St. Louis, Missouri, causing the collision. Riley’s car struck Edmondson, who had driven from Tennessee for the event, as she was making her way to her family’s hotel on foot.

The veteran parent immediately intervened to save her life. As soon as medical assistance arrived, he administered rapid care by using his belt as a tourniquet. After being taken to a local hospital, Edmondson had 29 procedures to repair her injuries, which included internal damage and a fractured pelvis. Two weeks after the accident, she had already undergone 23 surgeries, and more are anticipated.

Edmondson has persevered in the face of tremendous adversity. She pledged in her victim impact statement not to allow this tragedy define her and thanked her parents for saving her life. She declared, “Even though this tragedy has had a significant impact on my life, I will not allow it to define who I am and what I bring to this world.”


The Edmondson family is suing Riley as well as the city of St. Louis in an effort to obtain justice through Riley’s conviction. The discovery that Riley had repeatedly broken his bond while remaining at large sparked attempts to remove the city’s Circuit Attorney from office. After first opposing the attempts, the lawyer, Kim Gardner, finally resigned after three months.

The inspirational tale of Janae Edmondson serves as a potent reminder of the human spirit’s tenacity and fortitude in the face of hardship. We are all inspired by her will to persevere and grow in the wake of tragedy. Let’s work together to assist her as she pursues justice and healing.

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