‘Controversial’ Message Seen On Back Of SUV Sparks

After being uploaded online, a comment scrawled on the rear of an SUV swiftly gained popularity. Many others were drawn to the message, which read, “This is America…we don’t redistribute wealth—we earn it!” and they applauded the driver.

“Saw this patriot while driving,” a Reddit user said beside the photo of the vehicle. The reaction was overwhelmingly favorable, with many readers expressing agreement with the idea of wealth redistribution.

Indeed, congratulations to the individual who mustered the guts to put this sign on their rear window! More people ought to follow suit; perhaps then, some of the freeloaders who believe they are entitled to a living will be forced to reconsider! On the website’s Facebook page, one reader left a comment.

“We are redistributing wealth by giving too much money to young people who can work but choose not to,” said another reader. They spend far too much time idle, and some of them make mistakes. Instead of encouraging drug use, our priorities should be employment and drug problem solutions.

Many people felt that since this statement embodies genuine American principles, it ought to be displayed on every patriotic American car.


Some, on the other hand, believed that everyone should already be aware of the message. Why leftists find it so hard to understand is beyond me. The foundation of our country is the belief that the state ought to stay out of our lives and let us pursue our own interests. All entitlement programs are nothing more than means of wealth redistribution. One Redditor wrote, “Stephan Molyneux is 100% correct when he claims that government entitlement schemes violate our property rights.

However, other people thought the message lacked subtlety and was too direct.

All things considered, this SUV’s rear message has spurred a discussion about wealth transfer and the function of government in our lives. It has drawn criticism as well as support, illustrating the range of viewpoints on this matter.

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