Body language expert exposes reality behind Taylor Swift’s “interesting behavior” at the Super Bowl

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are the current “It” couple. For over a year, their names have been making headlines, and it doesn’t appear that this trend will be slowing down anytime soon.

Swift’s devotion to the Kansas City Chiefs, which has kept the couple in the public eye for months, is evident in her frequent attendance at NFL games.

This past weekend, the Chiefs emerged victorious from their stunning overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl. Swift and Kelce had a passionate post-game hug and kiss after Kelce’s Lombardi Trophy win.


According to reports, an expert studied the couple’s body language and concluded that neither Travis nor Taylor is shy about showing affection in public.

It was to be expected that all eyes would be on the two following the Kansas City Chiefs’ fourth Super Bowl victory on Sunday. Although it transpired that Kelce would not propose to Swift if his side won, the two were spotted kissing and cuddling up to celebrate.


After the game, Taylor went on the field with the football player’s mother, Donna, and Kelce even sang a version of “Viva Las Vegas.”


“Come here, baby,” the Chiefs tight end told to his girlfriend after Donna had some alone time with her child.



In contrast to widely held beliefs that their romance is merely a front, a psychologist who studied the couple’s body language before and after the incident came to the conclusion that they were in a “genuine relationship.”

“I was skeptical of this relationship in the beginning, but because she is so full on now, with her emotions, I think this is a real relationship,” said subject-matter expert Darren Stanton.

She is being honest and forthright in how she expresses her thoughts and feelings for Travis. This isn’t a publicity stunt—this is a true friendship.

Stanton also addressed the notion that Swift seemed more at ease than Kelce in displaying affection in public. The analyst supported Kelce, stating that the tight end was merely enjoying his “moment” for fun.

“It appears from a nonverbal perspective that she is more into him, or that she is far more at ease with public displays of affection than he is,” Stanton said.

In the end, this is his opportunity; this is his primary professional goal. This is the most crucial night of his life, and she should know that.

“She seems to be quite emotional, and she has her arms completely wrapped around him. It’s very interesting behavior.”

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