Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Show Good Etiquette by Cleaning Up After Themselves at ‘Dune 2’

Despite being A-list superstars, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck still understand the value of politeness. Following their attendance at a Los Angeles screening of the much awaited science fiction movie “Dune 2,” the pair exhibited excellent manners by tidying up their garbage before departing the cinema.

Ben and Jen are shown carefully emptying their soda cups and popcorn buckets in a cell phone video that was taken by other moviegoers. They took care to leave their seats immaculate. It’s encouraging to see celebrities set a positive example and treat the theater and its employees with dignity.

Even more amazing is the fact that Ben and Jen remained unseen for the whole of the film. When the credits rolled and the lights came back on, many in the theater were shocked to see that they had been seated directly in front of them the entire time. This well-known couple is adept at fitting in and having a good time like any other pair.

Remarkably, it appears that J Lo didn’t use her enormous popcorn bucket all that much, choosing instead to use a standard container rather than the widely shared ones with a “Dune 2” theme. It’s obvious that watching the movie took precedence than munching.

The thoughtful actions of Ben and Jen are an example for all of us. Regretfully, not everyone feels the same sense of need to tidy up after themselves at the movies. It serves as a reminder for all of us moviegoers to try to emulate Bennifer and leave no sign of our presence.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez deserve praise for serving as excellent role models for manners and for reminding us of the need of respecting public areas. Well done!

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