A Kitten’s Road to Recovery: From Abuse to Hope

Although this is a heartbreaking story of abuse and neglect, there is some hope for the unfortunate pink kitten. Although he’s in capable hands now, his owner is accused of abusing the animal.

An Unsettling Finding

A male cat with fiery pink fur was taken to an animal shelter in Portland on December 12. The small cat had hypothermic shock and acute hypoglycemia, and it was hardly responding at all.

Risky Cleaning Techniques

It turns out that the 39-year-old lady who owned the kitty had been trying to clean him up when she had unintentionally used harmful household cleansers like Windex and rubbing alcohol. The kitten’s temperature dropped as a result of the poisons seeping into his fragile body.

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Quick Response and Research

An investigation into animal mistreatment was started because of the Oregon Humane Society’s and the Portland Police Bureau’s prompt action. Although the pink dye on the cat was determined to be a fortuitous event and unrelated to the purported cruelty, the owner was arrested for her acts.

Charges as well as Prior Experience

The owner is currently being charged with second-degree animal abuse. This is not the first time she’s been in trouble with the law; she was previously found guilty of trying to kidnap a child while carrying a knife.


Recuperated and Taking on a New Identity

Luckily, the kitten—named Ken appropriately because of the dye that made him seem like Barbie—is in the Oregon Humane Society’s care and is making progress toward recovery. He’s doing great, and his pink fur is gradually falling out and being replaced by his natural fur.

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A Prolonged Journey Ahead

Ken legally belongs to his owner and cannot be placed for adoption just yet because the legal matter is still pending. He is currently in a foster family where he is safe and receiving good care. However, this cannot be true about the owner’s black Chihuahua, which Multnomah County Animal Services has also been entrusted with.

An Upsetting Story of Fortitude


It is so tragic that someone would torture their helpless kitten and color him with hair dye. The fact that little Ken made it through this experience and is in capable care gives us comfort, though. Let’s tell his inspiring tale of resiliency and optimism.

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