Woman saves abandoned chick from smashed egg – 1 yr later, her transformation shocks everyone

While strolling one day in the summer of 2014, Susan Hickman noticed something. She noticed an eggshell that was cracked there on the ground.

Susan nearly continued on, but for some reason she chose to pause and check inside.

To her astonishment, there was!

Susan discovered a baby bird within as she peered inside. His eyes were closed, and he had no feathers.

Susan searched the area for a nest, but she was unable to locate one.


Susan made the decision to attempt saving the chick because she knew he wouldn’t live on his own if she left him there.

However, raising a newborn bird is not a simple task. Susan had to feed the bird every 20 to 30 minutes from dawn to sundown for the first two weeks.


Even though it was a laborious procedure, Susan persisted. She had a deep emotional connection to the chick and gave him some nutrients with a tiny medication dropper.


The bird proved to be a true fighter, making it through the first day.


And the day after that, too.

He was shortly dubbed Klinger by Susan.


His eyes opened.

He has feathers.


And last, he developed into a big, majestic bird.

What a change!


Klinger became an integral member of the family during his recuperation.

He made Susan happy and in exchange received a lot of love and attention.


When Klinger reached the appropriate size, Susan, an avid animal lover, made the decision to return him to the wild.


However, she also noticed that Klinger had become tamed. He wouldn’t last on his own and was utterly unsuited for life in the wild.


Susan came to the conclusion that Klinger had to be with her.

Klinger doesn’t appear to be bothered at all.



What a blessing it was that Susan saw Klinger and could save his life! Tell us if this touching tale touched you as well!

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