Salma Hayek: Relatable and Down-to-Earth Even After the Oscars

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, 56, is proof that famous people are exactly like the rest of us. Salma posted a candid video following the 2023 Oscars that showed off her relatable post-awards routine.

Soon after leaving the glitzy event, Salma tweeted a video of herself having dinner. She ran to the kitchen, still in her gorgeous red sequin gown with the back unzipped, hungry and ready to feed her appetite.

Salma turned around, sandwich in mouth, and an off-screen voice cried out, “Expectation vs. Reality.” The encounter was delightfully captured on camera, showcasing Salma’s grounded side without sacrificing beauty.

Salma said in the sweet video’s title, “Glad to keep the glamour going, but first things first,” and her dedicated fans responded in droves. Fans commended her honesty and good looks; one even said, “Even her back is gorgeous.”

Other celebs took notice of the video as well, including her co-star Antonio Banderas, who shared his enjoyment with a series of emojis that looked like they were crying with laughter.


Salma had just returned from an extremely meaningful Academy Awards event when she went to shoot the kitchen video. Valentina, her 15-year-old daughter, accompanied her to the awards, marking a rare public appearance.

Valentina looked gorgeous next to Salma in their matching red outfits, which were from her mother’s 1997 wedding. Their combined presence gave the evening a unique feel.

Salma’s gregarious nature is evident in the glimpses of her everyday life that she has always been willing to share. She is seen eating a bowl of chicken soup and sporting a golden beauty mask in a recent video.


As Salma pours soup into the camera, she remarks, “This is my first time with a golden mask, and also my first time with the golden mask while eating room service.” “I apologize, but there’s nothing more important than the food.”

Salma Hayek’s charm and relatability never fail to enthrall audiences. Do you think well of Salma? In the space provided below, please share your best moments.

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