Mary Lou Retton: A Beloved Champion’s Courageous Fight

We have the utmost regard and affection for Mary Lou Retton. She is not only a legend in gymnastics, but she also serves as an inspiration to a great number of others. We all recall her amazing performance in Los Angeles, California, at the 1984 Summer Olympics, where she won a gold medal and recorded perfect 10s.

Her name was inscribed in the annals of American sporting prowess at that moment, which was momentous. She even received recognition as the Sportswoman of the Year by Sports Illustrated and appeared on the recognizable Wheaties box. Let’s support her today as she takes on her biggest obstacle to date.

McKenna Kelley, Retton’s daughter, just posted an agonizing update on her Instagram Story. The amazing gymnast is battling a rare and serious case of pneumonia right now in the critical care unit (ICU). She is no longer able to breathe on her own due to her disease, and she has been receiving attentive care from medical specialists for more than a week. Though there may be a rough journey ahead, if we work together, we can provide her the support she needs at this trying time.

Kelley has held back on disclosing every detail out of consideration for Retton’s privacy. She did, however, note that her mother does not have health insurance and that the expense of her care is rising quickly. Kelley has established a fund in an attempt to lessen this financial burden and sincerely asks for assistance from anyone who can. She only begs for two small things: money to help with the medical bills and prayers for her mother’s speedy recovery. No matter how little help you give, it can make a big difference.

Ever since she gave up gymnastics in 1986, Retton has remained a prominent figure in society. In addition to making cameos on well-known television programs like Baywatch and Glee, she even enlivened the dance floor during season 27 of Dancing With the Stars. This remarkable individual has consistently exhibited tenacity and resolve, and now is our chance to provide our steadfast support.

Even after going through this difficult phase in her life, Retton is still a proud and devoted mother of four daughters. She has earned her spot in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame and continues to be an inspiration to a great number of people.

We are aware that this story is still unfolding, and we will update you as more details come to light. As a community, let us come together to offer Mary Lou Retton our sincere support and best wishes as she valiantly fights this battle with all of her power.

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