Man Shoots 820-Pound Creature In His Front Yard, Quickly Realizes What It Is

Massive 820-pound hog encountered by an Alabama man on his lawn
Wade Seago of rural Samson, Alabama, had an unexpected meeting with a large 820-pound feral hog outside his house.

An Unexpected Visitor

Wade’s schnauzer, Cruiser, is used to the animals around their home and usually barks at raccoons or deer. So when Cruiser started barking nonstop, Wade thought it was just another ordinary animal. But all changed when his kid screamed.

Wade remembered sprinting to the front window, saying, “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” The enormous hog, whose teeth resembled tusks and measured about six inches in length, was only five yards away from his porch. Wade hastily retrieved his.38 caliber handgun out of concern for Cruiser’s and his family’s safety.

“The hog was about 12 yards away by the time I was in a position to shoot,” Wade said. To bring down the massive beast, three shots were required. Wade brought the hog to Brooks Peanut Company the following day, where it tipped the scales at an incredible 820 pounds, further demonstrating the hog’s enormous girth.

The Problem with Wild Hogs

Wade has experience with wildlife since he owns a taxidermy business and is an enthusiastic deer hunter. However, the hog’s size was unparalleled even for him.

Alabama is home to a large number of exotic animals, including feral hogs. Due to their prolific reproduction and lack of natural predators, they frequently seriously harm the surrounding ecosystem, which includes native plants. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, hogs destroy agriculture to the tune of an astounding $800 million every year.

Wade disclosed that he intended to exhibit the hog’s head and shoulders at his taxidermy business. He threw out the remainder, though, expressing worries about the safety of eating the meat—especially considering how humid it was.

In an effort to control the expanding hog population, Alabama law permits hunters to kill as many hogs as they like on private land.

Prioritizing safety
Wade is adamant about his choice to tackle the hog in spite of the unusual event. Considering its enormous size and close closeness, there could have been a real risk to his family’s security.

“I didn’t think twice about taking down this hog,” he declared after giving it some thought. Tomorrow, I’d do it once more.

These kinds of encounters highlight the unforeseen difficulties that nature can occasionally bring, even in well-known areas.

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