Bull was chained up his whole life – now watch when this animal hero cuts the lock

It’s obvious that neglecting animals—be they dogs, cats, hamsters, or cows—is never acceptable.

Bandit, a bull, was confined to chains for his whole life. He was denied access to the outdoors and was deprived of experiencing the taste of new, green grass. Rather, he lived his days and nights standing in a little cage, and it’s likely that he accepted this as his fate.

Fortunately, Christan, an animal lover, learned of Bandit’s predicament. He got to work right once making plans to rescue Bandit and his companions from their packed barn.

When Christian initially went to see Bandit, he approached the bull and politely explained that he wasn’t there to hurt him.

Furthermore, it’s clear from the video below that Bandit had never experienced human love before. But eventually he understood that Christian was only there to assist.

That “freedom dance” by Bandit truly brought me to tears. How lovely it is to witness this lovely animal come to be free!

Thankfully, all of the animals in the video were saved and taken to one of the numerous shelters run by the Austrian animal rights group Gut Aiderbichl, where Christian volunteers. Isn’t that fantastic?

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