She found herself homeless and resorting to scavenging through trash to make ends meet

Loni Willison, a former magazine model and bombshell, is now homeless and frequently seen rummaging through dumpsters in California.


The former fitness model claims that after divorcing Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson, her life went apart.

Loni was interviewed by X17 Online in May 2023. She attributed her downward spiral to her ex-boyfriend, whom she claimed had attempted to strangle her once, during the interview.

“My former spouse. Getting hitched. She said, “At least I got divorced,” when someone asked her why she was homeless. “He arranged for this to happen to me.”

After getting married in 2012, Loni and Jeremy’s marriage broke up after two years. After that, Loni had anxiety, depression, and a mental breakdown. Her breakdown and her addictions to crystal meth and alcohol caused her to lose her job and her house, leaving her homeless.

She has reportedly been given assistance multiple times, but she has declined, claiming her independence. It was said that she said, “I don’t need help.” Everything I require is here.

Loni claimed in an interview with X17 Online that she was in excruciating agony and that she was unable to live indoors due to someone “electrocuted” her every day for about a year. As a result, she is unable to be near appliances or be around electricity.


“I believe that because I have a sense of electricity, I also have a sense of other things, such as wire, certain metals, fuses, or specific chemicals or batteries. Thus, I believe my body even filters that kind of information,” she remarked.

I wouldn’t know for sure; I’d need to use a sonogram machine or a large X-ray machine to find out. It’s fairly intense.

The Baywatch star’s ex-spouse seemed to have lost a few of her upper front teeth.

Her ex-husband, who is active on social media, has gone through some difficult times since Baywatch.After reaching a plea agreement for allegedly stabbing a lady in Los Angeles in 2015, he was sentenced to 270 days in jail and placed on probation for five years in 2017. He has fought addictions as well.

Regarding Loni, her days are hard and she tries to feed herself with the few items she maintains in the shopping cart she always brings with her. She also strives to make ends meet.

The formerly stunning blonde beauty is no longer identifiable in her shabby, filthy attire.

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