From biggest child star in the 1970s to looking ‘rough’ – his recent appearance has people concerned

Many people dream of living beneath the Hollywood sky, but very few actually achieve this goal.


Ricky Schroder got roles when he was still a young child, which helped him establish his reputation. Although many of his admirers and the general public saw him grow up in front of them, the actor’s most recent photographs have many concerned.

On April 13, 1970, Ricky was born on Staten Island, New York. With the release of The Champ in the late 1970s, he made his acting debut. He was able to work on more films and projects after landing this part, which also garnered him a Golden Globe.

Later, Ricky starred in the 1982–1987 television series Silver Spoons. The young actor received praise for this performance as well.

He appeared in several well-known TV series over the years, including Strong Medicine, Scrubs, and NYPD Blue.Ricky tried his hand at being behind the camera as a director and producer in addition to being in front of it. In 2004, he produced Black Cloud, for which he won the San Diego International Film Festival’s Best Director Award.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – CIRCA 1983: Ricky Shroder, who played Ricky Stratton in the film Silver Spoons, stands for a picture in L.A., Cal. (Image courtesy of Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images/Donaldson Collection))

But as his profession progressed, he ran into problems in his personal life. In 1992, he was arrested after being accused of domestic violence by his then-girlfriend Andrea Bernard.

The two reconciled and tied the knot two years following the event. Holden, Luke, Cambrie, and Faith were the couple’s four children together before they called it quits in 2016.

For Ricky, the divorce created a downhill spiral in which he became addicted to partying and lost the ability to maintain a good relationship.

He got into a strained relationship with his first daughter and was arrested once again for domestic abuse against his girlfriend.

$50,000 was the amount of bail that was requested of him, but the matter was ultimately dropped.

Ricky has been spending more time on his farm and avoiding the spotlight in recent years. On the other hand, he uses social media to communicate with his followers, sharing videos and pictures of himself and his house.


He recently published a video that went viral. The rationale behind this is that many think his appearance has radically changed. He was dressed in full farmer attire, with a denim shirt and a hat on.

Ricky talked about his childhood, the past, and his uncle, who gave him a lot of military knowledge. Additionally, he urged his followers to never ignore corruption inside the federal government.

The majority of the comments under the video were critical of his appearance, with many calling him out for looking “rough,” rather than what he had to say or the message he was attempting to convey.

Someone wrote, “Ricky, why are you looking so rough?” Another person said, “What the hell happened to Ricky Schroder?” “He appears extremely rough,” said a third.

Naturally, several admirers spoke up for the actor, saying that his appearance was due to his demanding job as a farmer.

“He is still alive. With luck, prospering,” an admirer commented.

“He looks fantastic!” One more individual mentioned. “He looks good with rough!”

He is a rancher/farmer. The body is not kind to hard work. A third person said, “Much admiration for Rick, living an honest life.

We are happy that Ricky Schroder is doing what he loves and living life to the fullest.

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