Fisherman see something odd stuck on an iceberg – soon realize the unimaginable truth

Among dog breeds, labradors are among my favorites.

Moreover, Labrador is a province on the east coast of Canada, tucked away in the far north of Quebec. It follows that the place is undoubtedly frigid, has a harsh environment, and is relatively cut off from the outside world. Rather, they coexist peacefully with the environment, with fishing serving as a significant industry and a key source of food in the region.

Fisherman Alan Russell’s specialty is crabs, which are among the treasures the sea has to offer in the area. However, he and Mallory Harrigan witnessed something completely different from the crab they were used to one day while out at sea in their boat, and it was a sight they would never forget.

It all started when they discovered a sizable iceberg with a mushroom-like form.

Before long, Alan and Mallory noticed something strange atop the iceberg shaped like a mushroom. They initially thought it was a seal, Mallory said to The Dodo.

After deciding to investigate more closely, they saw that the object wasn’t a seal at all but rather a four-legged animal that didn’t often live at sea: a polar fox.


How the wretched fox got there and how long it had been stranded there in the midst of nowhere, waiting for a dreadful fate, are both unknown.


However, one thing is for sure: the pair realized right away that they needed to assist.


Monday, June 25, 2018 was posted by Labrador Morning.

An Unusual Comeback

Animal lovers all their lives, Alan and Mallory maneuvered their yacht to come up against the massive iceberg.


The fox, who was undoubtedly previously traumatized, seemed afraid of the visitors.


“Despite his resistance, we managed to bring him on board,” Mallory stated.”We realized that since the winds had changed and were pushing all of the ice farther out to sea, we were his only chance of survival.”

Alan Russell wrote this on Friday, June 22, 2018.

As soon as the arctic fox left the iceberg, it appeared that his mood had improved. The fisherman hastily set up a tiny, cozy “bed” for him on board.


The fox may have lost hope, but his spirit soon restored following the rescue.They gave the shivering animal the canned food they had on board right away.


They released him once they arrived at the harbor. He just gave himself a shake and walked away.

Monday, June 25, 2018 was posted by Labrador Morning.

I hope this fox never finds itself in a situation this dangerous ever again! This fox was saved and now has a future to look forward to thanks to Mallory and Alan.

❤Many thanks to CBC and Katie Breen for the beautiful photos.

Written by Mallory Harrigan on February 14, 2018, Wednesday

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