When the couple starts dancing to “Bare Necessities,” the room is filled with laughter… Watch the video below…

If we were about to perform in front of an audience, most of us would want to be ready and know what to expect. During a competition, a couple of swing dancers was unaware of the music that the DJs had chosen for them to perform to.

When the pair hears a catchy and popular tune, they don’t hold back!
This unique swing dancing video will make you want to go back to your younger years and start tapping along.


Although Laszlo Tarkanyi teaches West Coast Swing in Budapest, Hungary, Stefanie Tschom is an Austrian. They both took part in the 2019–2020 SwingVester tournament, which was held in Vienna.


When it comes time for them to dance during the Strictly Open final, the couple will perform in front of all the other competitors on the stage. Nevertheless, they were unaware that events would become “crazy.”

Since the dancers are clueless as to what music they would be dancing to, the host asks the DJs to select a song that could be characterized as “adventurous.” And he requests a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 for how daring he wants the song to be! He says to the couple, “I’m just going to say, we’ll pray for you,” in a lighthearted way.


To really get things going, Laszlo and Stefanie are given the best possible plan by the DJs.
The pair dances beautifully on the floor, circling around each other as the music starts off softly. No one in the room seems to know what’s about to happen to them.

When the song’s lyrics begin to play after a little while, everyone knows right away that it’s “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book!

The room bursts into laughter and cheers, and even the couple can’t help but chuckle. Still, they needed to focus on the important task at hand.


They instantly launched into a lively, enjoyable West Coast Swing dance that complemented the music perfectly.

Due to their extensive expertise, Laszlo and Stefanie appear to be able to navigate reality with ease. They execute every step flawlessly and collaborate incredibly effectively.

Take a look at how good Laszlo and Stefanie dance in the video below.

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