When a man asks a boy to play Bohemian Rhapsody, the boy steps up and puts on a show that the crowd will never forget…

The popular band Queen gave the first performance of the well-known song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” People think it’s an extremely hard anthem to perform, thus they have great expectations every time the song is sung.

At London’s St. Pancras International Station, a teenage guy was getting ready to play this well-known Queen song on a piano when two people stopped him before he could begin.


Strangely, when they requested him to sing the difficult song Bohemian Rhapsody, he was already set to do so. The tiny child merely smiled shyly and got to play. The two men had no idea that they and the rest of the throng were going to see something truly remarkable.


The young child who dared to play the piano in this packed London station is Cole Lam, a 12-year-old pianist who is well-known for performing well-known contemporary songs and classic piano pieces in the middle of busy places like the London St. Pancras International Station.
He is not only a pianist but also plays other instruments. Among them are the clarinet and guitar.

This young man is a singer, songwriter, and composer of music, and he is really talented. He is just 12 years old, and already, his portfolio is really good for someone who isn’t even in their teens!

Cole sat down at the station’s piano, intending to play one of Queen’s most famous and difficult songs, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Everyone in the vicinity who had stopped to see him anticipated his performance, hoping the up-and-coming musician would give the iconic song justice.


But just as the young musician was about to start, two men approached him, possibly questioning whether he could truly perform such a well-known masterpiece.
They didn’t know, though, that the young person performing before them was not your typical musician, and that he would be showcasing his incredible piano skills.

Cole’s touch on the piano keys seemed to make everything around him vanish. It seemed as though he was the only one playing the piano. He was playing the song with such fervor that it seemed as though his fingers and the piano keys were one.


He was clearly invested in his performance based on the way he moved and played the keys.
He was enthralled with the melody and played from the heart. Everyone who saw this amazing child perform Queen songs could therefore feel the passion in his performance.

It is evident that Cole has a strong passion for his work, despite the fact that he is still a relatively young artist.
His dedication to music serves as an inspiration for today’s children, and even at such a young age, he has made impressive progress toward his aspirations. This little child has the potential to grow into an exceptional pianist in the future, and we are excited to watch him further develop his skills.

Watch Cole play the piano in an amazing performance at the London station, and prepare to be amazed.

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