This baby was born with a lot of hair

Born with a head full of hair, Sydney, Australia baby Alexis Bartlett made headlines for an uncommon reason. Alexis’s full head of hair was discovered on an ultrasound X-ray a few weeks after her conception, which is much earlier than the typical one to two years it takes for babies to grow their thick locks. At six months old, her shoulder-length hair is practically envy-worthy.

Alexis’s parents were shocked to see the ultrasound when they first viewed it since it seemed like Alexis had hair on her buttocks in addition to her forehead and back! Thankfully, this trait is hereditary. According to Alexis’ mother, she had thick hair from birth as well, thus the stunning baby girl looks just like her mother!

Therefore, it makes sense that Alexis generated quite a commotion among beachgoers and passersby when she recently visited the beach sporting her gorgeous locks! Alexis captured everyone’s attention with her unusual and beautiful hair. Luckily for all of us, this tiny fashion icon will soon release more amazing photos!


Seeing a newborn with a lot of hair is unusual. It can be shocking to see children with a full head of healthy hair because the majority are born bald or with very little hair. Although some people might believe that having a lot of hair on your child is unusual, there are actually a lot of benefits.

Having thicker hair can assist keep the baby warm and cozy during the winter because their delicate skin is better shielded from the elements. Long-term tangle reduction is another benefit of having more locks; parents will spend less time brushing their child and they will experience less discomfort.


Furthermore, baby goods like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers are made especially for babies with thicker manes because most parents want to give their newborns everything they need for healthy growth and development.

When babies get older, parents may find it easier to come up with unique hairstyles for them if they have more hair to work with. As your child grows, you can enjoy watching their gorgeous hair grow provided you employ the right care and styling techniques.

Furthermore, even though a kid with a lot of hair won’t look like a model, you can be sure that it will always have excellent head coverage!

Although some people might find it funny to make fun of your baby’s hair, you should accept it as a blessing. After all, your baby may stay more comfy and appear their finest if they have a lot of hair. Thus, never forget to give thanks to God for the wonderful gift of more locks!

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