The Wonderful Shag Dancing Performed by This Delightful Couple Is Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind…

The American Swing Dancing Championships have been conducted annually since their beginning. Over the years, the competition has experienced several stylistic and structural changes, as well as the inclusion and removal of other dance style categories, in an effort to better reflect modern dance culture. Things that have been around for a while but have been forgotten can unexpectedly become popular again on the Internet.

Someone recently uploaded a video to the internet after converting it from a VHS cassette to a digital version. A winning shag dance performance from the 1995 ASDC Open Swing Finals was captured on this specific recording.

The word “shag,” which describes a variety of dances frequently done to beach music, can be used interchangeably with “beach bop” or “Carolina beach music.” This is why the Carolina shag is another name for the shag dance. Over the years, this couple dance has taken on many different forms, the college shag being only one of them.

Despite the fact that younger pop culture enthusiasts view the technique as antiquated, it has long been sanctioned for usage in official dance contests both domestically and internationally. It is frequently performed to the beat of beach music or any other type of music with a 4–4 time signature and a tempo between 100 and 130 beats per minute.

In this particular music video, the two dancers are Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble. The dance itself is very traditional with a hint of 90s flair, but the music selection undoubtedly reflects what was popular at these kinds of occasions in the past. They are dressed same in pants suits, and the song selection undoubtedly captures the zeitgeist.


This dynamic combo, to use a phrase from a shag carpet, really knows how to cut a rug. Do you adhere to it?

Throughout the whole three-minute performance, the two musicians maintain their flawless synchronization. The dance video was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, which also happened to be the site of that year’s finals. The rather modest audience’s responses are audible till the very end.

You may now watch and download the entire dance from an online archive. The success of the video may have stemmed from kids having a good time, but many other people may find that watching it reminds them of pleasant times. How much time is it now?

What might surprise you is that the 2019 Shag Championship finals are approaching quickly. Comparing this year’s winner to one from more than 25 years ago will be interesting to watch.

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