Unveiling the Mysteries of Israel’s Future According to Nostradamus

Are the Predictions of Nostradamus True or False?
Do you know someone who goes by the name Nostradamus, or Michel de Nostredame? He was a well-known French astrologer whose book “Les Prophéties,” which was released in 1555, sparked a lot of interest. Let us examine more closely and assess how accurate his forecasts were.

Nostradamus asserted that astrological knowledge served as the foundation for his predictions. His competence, though, drew harsh criticism. Researchers found that a large portion of “Les Prophéties” was made up of summaries of old compilations of end-of-the-world prophesies, mostly taken from the Bible, and added with allusions to future events in history.

The Future of Israel and the “City of God”
Nostradamus predicted a fight that would take place in the “City of God” and link it to a Third World War in his quatrains. It is evident that Nostradamus was referring to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, when we take into account the historical circumstances of his day. It is interesting that so many people find Nostradamus’s predictions uncannily prophetic, especially in light of the Islamist organization Hamas’s continual attacks on Israel.

Nostradamus said that following a battle in the “City of God,” a great commander would give up, causing the Third World War to break out:

The third great conflict will start when the big city is burning. “In the ‘City of God,’ there will be a powerful thunder/ Two brothers torn apart by chaos, while the city withstands/ The great leader will surrender.”


Future Predictions: Conflict and a Third Antichrist
Additionally, Nostradamus foresaw a major conflict that would break out in 2023:

People died during the Great War’s seven months as a result of evil conduct. The king will not seize control of Rouen or Evreux.

In addition, Nostradamus predicted that a third Antichrist will appear in 2023. The French astrologer claimed that Hitler and Napoleon symbolized the first two Antichrists.

According to “Les Prophéties,” “The Antichrist will soon destroy the three/ His war will last twenty-seven years/ The unbelievers will be dead, captives, or exiled/ With blood, human bodies, water, and red hail covering the earth.”

Even though it’s vital to proceed cautiously while dealing with these prophesies, many people are clearly fascinated and concerned by them. The actual nature of Nostradamus’s prophecies and if they have any relevance to current affairs will only become apparent with time.

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