“I Hope to Be Half as Good a Parent as You” John Travolta’s Daughter Thanks Him for Making Every Day Better

Fathers are frequently given less credit than moms for their parenting abilities. Fathers play just as significant a role in a child’s life as mothers do, and they should be treated with the same respect. Ella Travolta broke down and spoke some incredibly touching comments, thanking her father for everything he does.

Bright Side would like to share this lovely exchange with our viewers since we believe that pleasant words strengthen ties.


Ella gave John a special day’s honor.


The 21-year-old actress shared a picture of herself with her father and brother on Instagram, expressing the importance of her father to her. He is her “best friend” and the one who cheers her up no matter how bad things go.

She disclosed that although being a parent is not simple, John presents it as such. For his children, he somehow makes each day better than the last. Ella continued by saying that she hoped to one day become a parent half as good as John.


John gave the children a message in person.

Being the father of his two children, in John Travolta’s opinion, is both an honor and a pleasure. He never stops encouraging and indulging his children. John didn’t fail to note that he’s a “very proud dad” while disclosing that Ella will be the lead in a live-action version of Alice in Wonderland.

Since last year, he has been the one keeping his family together.

After 29 years of marriage, John lost his wife Kelly Preston last year. At the age of 57, Kelly lost her fight with breast cancer. John took time off after her death to process his grief and properly care for his kids. In 2009, he had previously lost his oldest son, Jett.

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