Cher, 77, Makes Rare Public Appearance, Cuddling with Much Younger Boyfriend — Unbelievable Age Gap

Recently, Cher was spotted holding hands with her somewhat younger boyfriend, Alexander «AE» Edwards. The 77-year-old and the 38-year-old were seen holding hands at the event they attended.

The 77-year-old famous musician Cher and her 38-year-old lover Alexander Edwards looked chic on February 1 at the Warner Music Group pre-Grammy gala.

Cher and Alexander enjoyed spending time in the photo booth together, catching priceless moments alongside co-chair Tom Corson and COO of Warner Records. The duo was seen in the pictures cuddling up to one other during the celebrations.

The pair from Hollywood, who revealed their love tale to the world in November of last year, opted to wear similar ensembles. Cher looked ravishing in her bejeweled gray pants and off-the-shoulder long-sleeved black shirt. She added a dash of glitz to her appearance by finishing her ensemble with silver jewelry and beaded gloves. Alexander opted for an elegant ensemble that included gray pants, a blazer, and a black top. He accessorized with a silver chain and earrings to give a dash of flair.

Following recent reports of a court matter involving one of her sons, the singer of “Save Up All Your Tears” enjoyed a wonderful evening with her partner. The sudden public appearance by Cher and Alexander is in line with her ongoing struggles with her conservatorship and her son Elijah Blue Allman.

As was earlier stated on January 7:


Cher has devoted a large amount of her life to questioning accepted wisdom and going beyond what is socially acceptable. Whether it’s her taste in music, clothes, or vocal opinions, she has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Her relationships were also affected by this habit.

Cher posted a picture of herself jokingly posing with Edwards on X, lowering his chin just enough to meet his eyes. “Love is Love,” she stated in the message. Some fans, though, held a different viewpoint.

Because of their obvious age difference, people can’t resist chatting over her current romance with rapper Alexander Edwards. Fans are even more confused after Cher revealed Edwards in her most recent update.

There was some confusion among the crowd as one fan thought Cher was actually country singer Dolly Parton, while another thought Edwards was basketball player Kyle Kuzma. Other admirers began to inquire as to why Edwards had posted nothing about Cher on his social media accounts.

Concerned by Cher’s seeming tears, a fan advised her to concentrate on the joys of being in love. A perceptive admirer wondered if Cher was crying happy tears or sad ones.

Regarding her relationship, Cher’s followers were very supportive. Love knows no bounds when it comes to color, size, or shape, as one admirer put it when they expressed the opinion that Cher should be the one to prioritize her pleasure. Another thought that everyone was entitled to experience love. Another admirer remarked on how gorgeous Edwards and Cher were. Confusion ensued when a fan felt they remembered Cher stating that she and Edwards were no longer together.

It’s still unclear, though, whether the couple has called it quits on their romance. Cher first expressed to Edwards her misgivings about their relationship, saying she didn’t think it would work out. Cher said in December 2022 that although their relationship appeared ludicrous on paper, they actually had a great connection and were genuinely happy together.

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