What Happened to Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune? He Mysteriously Left Mid-Show and Was Replaced by Someone Familiar

The longstanding host Pat Sajak of the well-known game show “Wheel of Fortune” unexpectedly quit before the bonus round, surprising viewers. After Pat Sajak’s 42-year run on Wheel of Fortune ended, fans were left wondering what had happened to him and making predictions about his future.


Pat Sajak and Vanna White present Merv Griffin’s “Wheel of Fortune,” which debuted in January 1975. At the conclusion of Season 40, Sajak made hints about his potential departure, but Vanna stated that she wanted to continue hosting with him. Because of how famous their on-screen collaboration has become, viewers find it difficult to picture anybody else playing their parts.

In the bonus round of the April 26 broadcast, Sajak relinquished his hosting duties, and Jim Thornton, the show’s announcer, assumed the role. Fans speculated about Sajak’s disappearance following this abrupt transition, with some asking if he had been fired or was ill. But when competitor Sarah began the show by expressing her adoration for Jim Thornton, it became evident that this was a prearranged switch. In response to her compliments, Jim joked around, laying the groundwork for his eventual surprise hosting gig.


Jim Thornton continued to host in Sajak’s absence when the show returned from a commercial break for the bonus round. Sarah was able to meet Jim and win an extra $40,000 even though she was unable to solve the bonus problem. When Sajak made a quick cameo after the episode’s credits, he questioned Vanna whether he had missed anything.

There are still no details available regarding Pat Sajak’s absence from that specific program. Some viewers surmised that Jim Thornton might have used it as a chance to demonstrate his hosting prowess in case he ever needed to take Sajak’s position. Given Sajak’s potential exit at the conclusion of Season 40, Jim Thornton might get more chances to host “Wheel of Fortune” episodes.

As of right now, the program is still broadcast on ABC weeknights at 7:30 p.m., and viewers are excited for further information about the hosts and the future of their beloved game show.

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