They Found An Abandoned $10.5M Mansion — What They Found Inside Is Astonishing

A 30,000 square foot estate that had been abandoned but was still fully furnished with expensive furniture was discovered, according to two urban explorers.


On video, Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz investigated the purportedly haunted 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion.


“The man who constructed this mansion was highly accomplished, having graduated from one of the best medical schools in the country.” “He went on to become a surgeon, a father of four, and even a recreational pilot,” JeremyXplores, Abbott’s online persona, said.

He withheld information regarding the family’s identities and the location of the megamansion for privacy’s sake.


He said that the person oversaw local medical facilities and lavished $10.5 million creating a paradise for his family in 2006.

But while the house was still being built, the father and one of his sons appeared to have died in an aviation crash.

It appears that he had not paid his life insurance premium before to his death, leaving his wife and three surviving children penniless.

The YouTubers assert that the family was forced to expel their surviving members because they allegedly owed $8 million on the property despite making $50,000 monthly payments.

BigBankz claims that until 2015, when “a foreigner” moved back to his native country and stopped paying property taxes, he was the owner of the house.

The home has an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, a mahogany library, an elevator, a mahogany bar, and Abbott stated that pricey objects were left behind.


There was a Mercedes-Benz, a Volkswagen Beetle, and a Land Rover.

There are empty water bottles in the refrigerator and a “at least 12-foot” sparsely decorated Christmas tree in the main room. When the explorers arrived, they reasoned that a homeless person had “escaped out the window.”

The opulent furnishings, the high-end cars, or even the flat-screen TVs weren’t the strangest items Abbott discovered indoors.”The small things, like the designer clothes with the tags still on or the Dior shoes in the closet, or maybe the jewelry and mountains of pricey makeup in the bathroom, are what I found so strange to be inside.”

Abbott went on, “It seems incomprehensible to me that these items were abandoned, since they could have been simply packed up and moved whenever the family went.”

Abbott stated that he happened into the estate while searching online for listings of deserted houses in the area.

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The enthusiasm Abbott described at the beginning of his excursion soon gave way to regret and “reverence for the family who had lived there and watched their dreams come crashing down along with the plane that killed their father and his son.”

The eleven-hour exploration produced even better content and a remarkable experience.

The staggering quantity of garbage that people make and the resources that are wasted daily are astounding. This house is a prime illustration of that,” Abbott said.

“People react with the same amazement and sadness for the family and the home that is starting to be consumed by nature as I did when I first discovered this mega-mansion,” the author writes.

Watch the lengthy video that’s below:

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