Poor boy paid the bus fare for a woman and her child, later, the woman helped to the boy

Sandra Anderson planned to spend the night at the home of her friend Behany. She had fled her awful husband, Josh, and was now in Michigan. Because she was young and naive, her mother, Mrs. Anderson, had forewarned her daughter against Josh in the past, but she disregarded her advice.

Despite living in the same town as Bethany, her mother lacked the confidence to approach her. She was tragically informed by phone in the morning by the hospital that her mother had suffered a heart attack and needed to be admitted.


Without grabbing her purse or any cash, Sandra grabbed her daughter Ava and hurried out the door.


She was standing at the bus stop close to her friend’s house when it started to snow. She attempted to converse with a few Uber and taxi drivers, but she was not accepted by either of them. She hopped on the bus as soon as it arrived, and the driver stopped her as she tried to go to the rear. “Pardon me, ma’am. You neglected to pay for your fare.

Sandra apologized and asked for a moment while looking for her purse. She did not, however, take her purse with her.


“Would you please hurry up?” the driver asked as she was reaching into her pockets. It’s snowing, the roads are slick, and I can’t drive fast.”

“I apologize, but my purse was at home.” stated Sandra.


The driver then said, “Sorry, I can’t allow you then,” raising his voice. Alight FROM THE BUS!

“Please say no!” stated Sandra. The baby and I are in the frigid weather. Moreover, my mom was admitted to the hospital. I swear I’ll get someone to pay you once I get to the hospital.

Nice try, lady, but plenty of people have avoided paying the fare by inventing tales similar to that. I’m not a moron! said the driver.

“I’ll cover her fare. Please refrain from telling them to go. The voice stated as Sandra got off the bus.

“Ma’am, please come in. The fare will be covered by me. A boy with an ill-fitting dress said.

Sandra said, “Thank you, kid. By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is Nicholas.” The boy uttered such words. I know you don’t have to say thank you. According to my mother, you should always assist someone if you have the resources to do so.

Nicholas, your mother is correct, Sandra remarked. “What makes you traveling alone?”

Nicholas replied, “Oh, I’m on my way back from my grandmother’s house.” “Mom advised me to give her medicine because she was sick. My stop appears to be here, so I’ll get off right now. Farewell!

“Nicolas, hold on a minute!” Sandra pulled the boy aside. Would you kindly provide me with your address? I would like to thank your mother and see her.

Indeed! Saying so, Nicholas provided his address. After that, Sandra went to Nicholas’ address. It was a modest two-room cottage.

Nicholas answered the door when she knocked. “Oh, that’s you!” Mom, someone came to see you!

He gave his mom a call.

Sandra then noticed this weak woman. She was not elderly; rather, it was likely the harsh circumstances of their existence that gave her appearance of advanced age.

Later on, she found out that Nicholas’s father had left them when his wife became pregnant.

She wanted to support them, so she set up a GoFundMe page for theö family and, with the aid of her friend Bethany, a social media star with millions of followers, raised money for them.

Donations to the page exceeded $1 million in just three days. Because of Sandra, Nicholas and his mother’s lives had drastically changed.

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