People are upset over sign KFC store posted on their doors – Restaurant refuses to take it down

When the proprietor of this KFC store decided to post a self-printed sign on the front entrance, it caused some people to take notice.

Law enforcement personnel have seen difficult times in recent years, and things will only get worse. Numerous officers have been singled out for abuse and assault, and some people have come to the conclusion that all police officers are corrupt or bad cops.

In Gallipolis, Ohio, a restaurant made the decision to demonstrate their value and appreciation for the men and women serving in the armed forces. What a commotion the placard in the window is making!

“Every day, all uniformed police officers receive free meals.”

To unequivocally demonstrate to all the men and women in uniform that the city sincerely appreciates the work they do every day and that they risk their own safety to ensure our all-around safety.


There is no better way to refuel before, during, or after a demanding day than a delectable hot meal—and who knows, it might even make the streets safer! How fantastic!

Things have gone crazy since the sign was posted to the KFC window; it has gone viral and received well over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes on Facebook.


The staff members of the store have been participating in and leaving comments on the Facebook post, stating that they do, in fact, serve all uniformed police officers for free, every single day!

As one might anticipate, the majority of people will be really delighted and supportive, especially the police officers, but there are also a good number of people who are not at all thrilled about it!

A few others expressed strong disapproval of the actions taken by the store owners and stated that they thought all first response agencies, not just the police, ought to be involved. One law enforcement officer who oversees Ohio Going Blue, agreed wholeheartedly.

He declared:

Although some of you are unable to see the wider picture, this is a positive topic.
Whether I’m in uniform or not, as an officer, I never enter a business expecting or desiring anything to be free or even to receive a discount, and I can assure you that other police share my sentiments. We dislike receiving “special treatment.” This was posted because KFC is, in fact, honoring police enforcement. To those who said that recognition should also go to other first responders. My response? Without a doubt.

It makes sense to provide a complimentary dinner to law enforcement officials who risk their lives every day to ensure our safety, without receiving anything in return. This will keep them well-refueled for their demanding workday.


How does the KFC sign in the window make you feel? Are you in favor of it?

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