Her legs are amputated after using a common household product – Now she’s warning women everywhere

Lauren Wasser, a California lady, is sharing her life narrative to stop other women from going through what she did due to a common product.


This model visited the hospital back in 2012 because she was having persistent flu-like symptoms. Sadly, tests later showed that Lauren’s discomfort was actually toxic shock syndrome brought on by bacterial toxins rather than the flu.

It was found that the tampon was the source of the infection. Tampons can induce this illness if used for extended periods of time, which can result in toxic shock syndrome, or TTS.

Unfortunately, Lauren remained unconscious for more than a week, and when she awoke, the infection compelled the doctors to amputate her limb. She was only 24 years old at the time.


Since this terrible incident, Lauren has dedicated her life to spreading awareness and pursuing legal action against Kotex Natural Balance, the manufacturer of the tampons that initially set off her extreme reaction.

My other leg will undoubtedly need to be removed in a few months. I am powerless to change it. However, I can do my part to ensure that others are spared from suffering,” Lauren told The Daily Mail.

“It is imperative that consumers understand the reality of what could happen to them, given that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body and is a gateway to many of our vital organs,” the author writes in InStyle.


Lauren posed with Paralympic competitor Amy Purdy after her second amputation. Amy had both of her legs amputated.

Life is about to be so different, again! I’m in great spirits though and ready for my next chapter. ???‍♀️??‍♂️ // photo by my love @camraface,” she wrote in the caption.

We are supporting Lauren because she is committed to live life to the fullest despite the hardships and suffering she has had to endure.

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