Women at bachelorette party spot chilling detail in photo – leave for home immediately

If you’re like me, you probably go through the pictures you’ve taken hours, days, or even weeks after you took them.

I like to look back on these occasions frequently because, as such pictures show, they provide a visual window into the past that would not otherwise be possible.

However, a group of women were dismayed to discover a feature that was more than a little unsettling when they examined two pictures that they had taken mere seconds apart.

We’ve all probably experienced our fair share of embarrassing photo moments when photos end up oddly blurry, with the traditional red-eye affect, or anything goes wrong and ruins an otherwise beautiful memento of a historical occasion. In fact, I’ve seen photos that have been altered to the point where the subjects no longer resemble real individuals for whatever reason.

However, I doubt I can honestly say I’ve ever seen something quite like this.

According to accounts, a group of women attending a bachelorette party in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK, abandoned their planned fun-filled weekend and decided to head back home after being upset by what they saw in two images they had taken.

The festivities were scheduled to occur at a secluded estate, and the gathering began with what almost any sizable gathering of friends would do: snapping a few pictures before things got crazy.

In the first shot, the gang is seen grinning in front of a pile of logs with a gorgeous lake in the distance.


Nevertheless, a young child can be seen sticking his head above the logs in the group’s alleged second shot, which was taken moments after the first.

Sounds eerie? The story is supposed to take an even stranger turn because the estate has a sordid past that is hard to overlook in light of the picture.

A 1994 movie called The Blue Boy supposedly followed the story of a small child who drowned at Lock Eck. Paul Murton, the screenwriter, disclosed that he had derived the storyline from a story he was told by a nearby hotelier.

“The hotelier brought up the Blue Boy during our conversation,” Murton remarked.

He explained that this was a small youngster who had been staying in a hotel on a vacation with his parents and had been sleepwalking at night. He’d wandered out into the open, fallen into the loch, drowned.

“His body was bluish with the cold when they discovered it. Perhaps even more concerning than that, hotel workers had observed that items like plates and silverware were frequently missing from their designated spots for no apparent reason. They had also occasionally discovered damp footprints in the upstairs hallway.

Obviously, the women felt too uneasy to spend the weekend together, so they quickly packed up their belongings.

Online users have questioned the authenticity of the picture including the little child, but as of this writing, the women in attendance have not issued an official statement on the matter.

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