Woman Sparks Debate After Saying She Won’t Leave Her Daughter Alone With Male Relatives

The one set of people you should trust more than anyone else is your family. However, let’s face it—not every household on the earth is like this. One TikTok user was prompted by this to make a video about her ideal parenting style for her kid.

She won’t allow her child to stay over at sleepovers or leave them unattended with male relatives. She caused a great deal of controversy among other parents. While some support her, others argue that her decisions are a little debatable.

Her Daughter Won’t Get Care From Any Male Family

Mother of two Aubrey has expressed strong opinions on the way she chooses to raise her kids. This mother makes sure her children have the most amount of safety possible because the current world is a dangerous place.


Audrey, who goes by @theorganicmami on Tiktok, has a little over 2000 followers, but that number is growing every day. In a get-ready-with-me video she posted on her TikTok account, she candidly discussed how she raises her daughter.

In the opening video, Audrey declared that she would never allow her daughter to spend the night at someone else’s house. Most folks would concur. However, few would question their own family members and refuse to let them stay at their grandparents’ home.


Audrey won’t even let her daughter spend time by herself with her male in-laws. She declared, “No sleepovers.” No, sorry. not even in the presence of relatives. She also won’t ever be left alone herself with a man. It makes no difference to me if you’re a cousin, uncle, or grandmother.

Additional Perspectives from Audrey

While Audrey was applying makeup to her face, the video kept playing. She promised to give her two kids the same treatment. This implies that her boy will be subject to the same regulations as her daughter.

Thus, Audrey has decided that neither her son nor her daughter will be permitted to go out late because she believes it is unsafe for them both. Audrey remarked, “For example, I let my son go out late but not my daughter because it’s too dangerous for a woman.” “I’m going to handle them both equally,”

Audrey said that her kid is free to refuse hugs and kisses when it comes to displaying affection. This holds true for both her friends and her family. We won’t withhold secrets from your parents. And the easiest way to guarantee you won’t see us again is if you’re among those who are now promising to give you candy when your mother isn’t around—just keep it to yourself, she said.

Audrey further insists that her daughter will have the freedom to experience emotions in any way she pleases. She won’t have to attend public schools either. Audrey said, “She doesn’t have to respect you if you don’t also respect her. She is allowed to feel the way she does even though she is still a child.”

Views in the Remarks Section Were Diverse
Of course, there were a wide range of viewpoints expressed in the comments section. A few parents enthusiastically supported her intentions. A comment was made saying, “[People are] getting mad about the no sleepovers rule, but speaking from my childhood experiences, it’s actually good.” One commenter stated, “When I was younger, my mom banned me from sleepovers, which upset me. However, I later learned that one of the events I was invited to involved three girls being sexually assaulted by the stepdad.”

However, some people didn’t understand her choices. Many said that their favorite sleepover memories were made and that their children would lose out on a great deal of fun. A teen wrote about her personal experience of being barred from sleepovers. She stated, “I missed out on a ton of stuff and I hate my mom for it [so much] I’m not allowed to have sleepovers.”

“I don’t see the harm in sleepovers, if you know the parents and the kid; they’re honestly some of my best memories,” commented another commenter. Finally, someone else questioned her about why she doesn’t think well of her own male relatives. “Why do you not trust your dad or brother?” they wrote. Would you leave her with her father by herself?

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