Man Notices His Child’s Skin Is Too Dark, Gets a DNA Test behind His Wife’s Back

When a Black lady became pregnant with their first child, a White man married her; nevertheless, the boy’s father had doubts about his paternity because he was darker than his mother. He received backlash from social media users for taking a paternity test without telling his wife.

A 29-year-old White man posted a question on Reddit on May 9, 2020, regarding a sensitive position he had gotten himself into. He gave an explanation of his marriage to a thirty-year-old Black lady, with whom he had two small children.


When he wrote his query, their daughter was three years old and their son was five. Because the boy didn’t resemble his father at all and was considerably darker than his mother, the man doubted the boy’s paternity.He chose to take a paternity test behind his wife’s back after hearing from others close to him that the child was not his, but it backfired. This is the complete account of how the man found Reddit.


Why a Caucasian Father’s Only Son Needed a Paternity TestPrior to it being taken down because it belonged in the Am I The [expletive] (AITA) section, the White man on Reddit explained at the beginning of his post that he had shared his tale in the Relationship Advice community. He clarified that he was a father to a daughter and a son.According to the poster, the reason they got married was because his Black wife became pregnant with their baby at the beginning of their one-year relationship. Fortunately, the couple enjoyed a wonderful marriage. The man noted that the boy didn’t look much like him, even though he accepted their son as his when he was born.

“He has a much darker complexion than my wife.”


The man bemoaned the fact that his son didn’t appear to be half-White and that relatives and acquaintances had questioned him about the boy’s identity. The father adored his son and acknowledged having reservations, but he originally decided to put his trust in his wife.But when the couple welcomed their daughter when the boy was two, the guy did not question her paternity. He observed that she resembled him, that they shared the same blue eyes, and that his family grew closer to her more quickly. He said:

“I had no idea how powerful it is to know you are a parent.”


The guy connected with his daughter more easily when there was no doubt about his paternity, and when he noticed how much she resembled him, he came to the conclusion that his son wasn’t his. The father explained that he considered his children as his offspring and made an effort to treat them as equals.But soon after, the dad became resentful of his son and said, “It felt unfair that I had to care for someone else’s child.” I also started to feel angry with my wife since I thought she had deceived me. The spouse acknowledged:

“I at last had a covert paternity test.”


The guy was relieved to learn that the boy was, in fact, his own. In the months that followed, the man, his wife, and their son’s relationship significantly improved, and he now had a stronger bond with the boy because he was now certain of his identity. When he and his wife began talking about having a third kid, they were overjoyed.He didn’t love holding secrets, though, and he reasoned that his wife would realize that their son didn’t look like him when he admitted to the paternity test. His wife became infuriated and asked him whether he had also doubted their daughter. When he said that he hadn’t, she labeled him a racist.

According to a third, the husband didn’t intentionally think that Black people were inferior to White people.

The father of two refuted accusations of racism and said he didn’t think his daughter had “whiter features,” but rather that he knew she was his kid. He disputed her accusations, saying he had treated their son like his own despite his misgivings. His wife had accused him of making their son feel abandoned for no apparent reason for years.After the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, the poster’s wife informed him that she wanted to move out with their kids, but a week and a half later, her husband was still sleeping on their sofa. Though he had anticipated that she would have calmed down, she remained enraged at him for not believing in her and rejecting their son because he was darker.When it came to the kids, his wife hardly ever spoke to him at all, so he was left wondering on Reddit if he was a bad person for having misgivings. He claimed to be concerned about the boy and perplexed by his wife’s reactions when it came to the paternity question ruining their marriage.

How the Man’s Story Affected Reddit Users
According to a Reddit user, the woman’s husband didn’t overreact because he didn’t trust her and let his “ignorance” to keep him from developing a close bond with his son. The man was questioned on social media about what he believed would have occurred if he had mixed-race children, as the kids didn’t always turn out that way.The ad could have produced a child as black as Wesley Snipes or as white as a vampire, the person observed. It wasn’t easy being a Black guy in this world, so the commentator encouraged the husband to humble himself and ask his wife for forgiveness before correcting his foolish thinking because his son would need him.

Another person sympathized with the man’s wife and kids, believing it would be a “nightmare” to marry, trust, and start a family only to find out later that the other person was racist. The dad confessed that the idea that the boy’s family didn’t connect with him because he was darker made his skin crawl.

The Reddit user stated that he would have to take all necessary steps to ensure that his son was kept in the dark about the test and that he was a respectable man if the wife continued with the poster.

A third individual, in the meantime, stood up for the husband, saying he wouldn’t have married a Black woman and had kids with her if he had thought Black people were inferior to White people. The commenter stated that other couples of the same race experience the same issue. The person thought that the man’s deed was motivated more by their dissimilarity than by the color of their skin.

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