Curious Objects That Baffle People With Their Looks & Purpose

In a world where things aren’t always as they appear, things might get confused. People use the internet to identify items they come across that they need assistance with on a daily basis.

There are many objects in our environment that have certain purposes. For the most part, we know what to do with these items. However, there are a few elements that need to be explained because they are either unidentified or don’t appear to serve the intended purpose.

9. Purchase Brass Garage Sale

The individual who posted this photo claimed that their father had purchased the goods during a yard sale. The objects were hollow within and made of solid brass. The object’s nature was unknown to both the individual and their father.


Answer: After receiving responses from numerous readers of the post, the individual learned that the goods his father had purchased were Mexican stirrups known as “tapaderos,” which were commonly used by cowboys on the South American continent.

8. The Grabber of Grandfather
While organizing their grandfather’s closet, one individual discovered a small item with three retractable claws and a royal blue top with three crown decorations. They were clueless about what it was, so they looked to internet users to see if anyone knew.


Answer: A few people clarified that it was used to pick up small items like sugar or ice cubes, or to remove olives and pickles from their jars, even if many remarks were made in fun.

7. Odd Wooden Knob

On behalf of a friend who received an odd wooden knob for their wedding that had spikes sticking out of the bottom, a Reddit member made a post. The giver refused to disclose to the recipient’s buddy the purpose of the gift.

In order to avoid touching the cheese with your bare hands, the user quickly realized that it was meant to be used to hold the cheese while it was being cut. Why the giver would withhold the gift’s identity from the recipient’s acquaintance, however, remained a mystery.

6. The Mystery of Online Shopping

When an internet customer ordered cookies from an online fundraising store, they were taken aback to find two odd things in the box with their baked delicacies. The person used the internet to look up the artifacts after emailing the corporation to inquire about what they were, but they never received a response.

Response: An observer elaborated that they believed the items were intended to be a practical joke. It is meant for the user to place the nude half around their ear so the white part protrudes and gives the impression that a Q-tip is protruding from their ear.

5. Austrian Artifacts

A visitor to Austria discovered an odd item on the road. They explained that they were in Innsbruck, Austria, and that while exploring the city, they had noticed the phallic sign on the pavement. They were curious as to what it was.

Answer: The person was promptly helped by online users, who informed them that the object was an Austrian bollard that provided guidance. Numerous witnesses claimed to have seen them all around Austria, according to the original poster.

4. Mystery Housewarming Gift

Someone received an unusual housewarming gift and had no idea how to use it. It was a small wooden object with two small dips and a tiny silver spoon that was half marble. The guy enquired as to whether any internet users knew what it was.

The item was immediately identified by internet users as a salt and pepper dip pot. Although the original poster thought it could have been too shallow for that purpose, they had assumed it was for salt and pepper.

3. Gift from a Grocery Store
When a customer was unpacking the food they had purchased at a nearby store, they noticed an odd object that was a free present. They were curious as to the purpose of the thing they had been given.

The answer was that the odd green object had a handle and a tiny, sharp hook. It was used to peel oranges, as netizens informed the person who had found it in their grocery bags.

2. Tin Can

An item that was open on both ends and hollow on the inside was discovered by a Reddit member while searching through an elderly woman’s jewelry box. It looked like a tiny tube with a decoration on top.

The original poster claimed that it was composed of a material similar to or possibly comprised of tin. The correct way to wear a scarf around your neck without tying it was certified by a netizen. The scarf fit tightly around your neck when you pulled up both ends inside the tube.

1. Grandmother’s Enigma Marble

A tiny marble object in the shape of an egg was observed by a grandchild at her grandparents’ home. It was small enough to fit in someone’s hand and stand on its own. The grandchild was unaware of what they had discovered, though.

After some time, the original poster reported they had inquired with their grandmother, who had informed them that it was a paperweight she had purchased some time before discovering it in their house.

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