Who Is The Owner Of This Cozy Coutry House?: The “Name”That Will Greatly Surprise You!

Greetings from a home where every nook and corner is governed by order and cleanliness. The fact that this place was created by a man named Hannes rather than a woman is what makes it so incredible.


This charming 27-square-meter property, known as a “kolonistuga,” or little country house within the city, is tucked away in the town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedes love to escape here from April to October.


Even though it is about fifty years old, Hannes’s home has a very cozy, cozy vibe.

The old furnishings and peeling paint inside don’t take away from the appeal. This quiet corner’s color palette and every other element have been carefully chosen to enhance utility without sacrificing style.

The kitchen, albeit basic, exudes comfort.

Hannes’s neighbor provides all of the flowers for the home, and a stove keeps everyone warm throughout the chilly Swedish winters.

Hannes lives with two dogs and makes excellent use of the space beneath the ceiling for his sleeping quarters.

In the evening, the small courtyard is transformed into a magnificent setting. Would you like to spend a night in a location this charming?

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