“Unique And Extraordinary”: You’ve Never Seen a Home Design Like This Before!

A distinctive domed house with an unconventional interior is for sale in Killington, Vermont, for $425,000.


The 300 square meter, four-bedroom house has unique characteristics that give it the feel of a movie set, like a swing, a three-story fire pipe, and red pile carpet on the first level and blue on the second.

The house was built in 1969 and has spent the majority of its life in the same family.

Its present owner, the godson of the original builder, emphasizes how much the place was formerly loved as a place for fun times with family.

Despite having breathtaking views of the mountains and forest, the house needs major repairs to its outside and interior walls.


Doors that resemble submarines, antique wall phones, and arcade games are among the distinctive characteristics.

Although the property’s picturesque location contributes to its charm, potential purchasers should be ready for restoration work.

One can wonder who would be interested in this unique house based on the listing.

What was your impression of it?

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