“Unbelievable Transformation”: The Brothers Managed To Turn an Old Water Tower Into a Cozy Apartment!

South Holland was Sven and Lennart de Jong’s childhood home, and they spent a lot of time there playing games by the ancient water tower. When the de Jong family was able to buy the tower in Nieuw-Lekkerland, their happiness had no limits.


Built in 1915, the immaculate tower was purchased for an impressive 200,000 euros. The brothers were able to turn it into an amazing five-story home with this investment.

Their families, which included the encouraging spouses of Sven and Lennart, welcomed this unusual venture. But the process of turning the skyscraper into a living area was difficult and took almost ten years of renovation work.

The brothers finished their large-scale project by 2020.

Their labors were rewarded when the de Jong mansion was nominated for a prominent Dutch architecture prize.

The interior of the tower combines a hint of rustic coziness with an elegant industrial style.

With its Scandinavian minimalism and large panoramic windows, the room radiates coziness. The brothers split the floors equally, designating two for each household and one for shared usage.


Their accomplishment is a great source of pride and goes beyond simply having a large dream house. Sven and Lennart de Jong’s home is regarded as one of the most exquisite homes in the Netherlands and is evidence of their commitment and foresight.

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