The Woman Refused an Apartment On Credit In an Expensive City: She Built Her Own 13 m² House Outside The City!

Washington resident Lee Perra always wanted to own a house, but the exorbitant cost of real estate in the city prevented her from doing so. She had worked in construction for years, but her pay was insufficient.

Lee opted to build her own tiny country cottage, quit her work, and refuse loans because she was determined to make a difference in her life.

She was able to save expenses by selecting a location outside of the city. Despite having no formal construction training, Lee picked up the necessary skills and finished the job all by herself.

Her 13.5-square-meter cottage is created from natural materials like wood and stone, fashioned in Scandinavian design with vibrant highlights. It has a work space, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, giving her all she needs for a comfortable living.

Lee is happy that her house is ideal for her and that it lets her live in the country away from the bustle of the city.




Lee’s mini-house and others like it have the benefits of being inexpensive, eco-friendly, and running well.

For people looking for a new experience, a more affordable lifestyle, or a calmer way of life, they are a great choice.

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