The daughter of David Bowie and Iman made a splash by her incredible appearance

One thing comes to mind when viewing the lone child of the late David Bowie and renowned model Iman: is this not photoshop? After all, the girl’s distinct appearance is a clear sign that she won the genetic lottery.


The 22-year-old musical heiress had the best education possible from her famous parents. Alexandria Zahra Jones, a British musician and fashion model with Somali ancestry, had an incredible outcome in their love story: she grew up to be a true beauty. Family refer to her as Lexi, and she is not in a rush to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Even with the clear benefits from the outside, the girl chooses education over rapid celebrity.


Commentators praised her, saying things like, “It’s so great that you look like your amazingly beautiful parents,” “Very pretty,” and “Why are you so lovable?”

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