“Mom Is The Woman Who Loves And Takes Care”: The Woman Adopted The baby Of Her Husban’s Late Ex-wife!

The devoted couple Christie and Wesley Werts set out to combine their families, bringing Christie’s daughter Megan and Wesley’s kids, Austin and Dakota, together. Their desire to start a family was complicated by Christie’s advanced age.

However, their journey took a miraculous turn when they welcomed a new member, Levi, into their family through adoption.

Five years ago, the couple’s love story started, and it culminated in marriage and the creation of a large blended family. Given Christie’s advanced age, having a biological child appeared impossible, yet their miracle—baby Levi—arrived.

Before they could bring Levi home, the adoption procedure took sixteen months, which was not an easy one.

Levi’s tale is heartfelt and endearing. His biological mother, Wesley’s ex-partner, battled addiction and passed away too soon, four days after Levi was born, at 33 weeks gestation in Texas.

Unaware of her pregnancy, Christie and Wesley learnt about Levi through a heart-wrenching situation: the infant was left with no one to care for him following his mother’s passing.

Christie was resolved not to let Levi grow up in an unstable environment because she had previously experienced foster care.

Surprisingly, she was determined to adopt Levi because she had frequent nightmares about a blonde kid with blue eyes before finding out about him. When Christie’s wishes came true on the family’s flight to Texas to meet Levi, it was a case of love at first sight.

The couple had to sell their Ohio home and relocate to Texas for court hearings, which made the adoption process difficult. Due to the additional intricacy of Levi’s biological father’s parental rights, the process took 16 months and involved numerous court hearings, interviews, and house inspections.

Christie and Wesley emphasized the good parts of their tale even though they received backlash online for sharing it.

When the adoption of Levi was eventually finalized, the couple happily brought him home. The fact that Levi, a content two-year-old, has the Werts surname attests to his standing in his adoptive family.

When he is older, his parents hope to tell him the story of his birth, as they value the wonder of having him in their lives. Many people appreciated the touching tale and wished the family continued happiness with Levi, despite some criticizing the public posting.

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