“A Plump Beauty”: The 340 lbs Model Showed Off Her Handsome Husband And Sons!

Tess Holliday, the well-known plus-size model, recently posted a family photo on her Instagram account and expressed thankfulness for her journey.

She talked about the difficulties she had in romantic relationships when she was younger, but she also emphasized how much more attention she currently gets from fans.

Tess and her partner, photographer Nick Halliday, with whom she has two children, formalized their relationship three years ago. Their kid, Baby Bowie, is their mutual child, while Riley is Tess’s child from a prior relationship, being tenderly fostered by Nick as his own.

Online comments on the family portrait were divided, with some applauding the lovely family and others voicing opposing viewpoints.

Remarks varied from praise for the family’s attractiveness to doubts over the match.




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