The Groom-to-Be Wants Everyone at Their Wedding Ceremony to Know His Fiancée Isn’t ‘Pure’

A woman on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” section went by the name OP and revealed her heartbreaking story. After six years of engagement, her fiancé Ryan shocked her one month prior to the wedding by requesting that she forgo wearing a white gown, giving an uncomfortable explanation. Their argument intensified in spite of her initial dismissal, leaving OP repulsed and wondering about their future.

Two weeks before the ceremony, OP, who was adamant to wear white, bought her wedding gown, which caused the stress to reach a crescendo. Deeper problems were suggested by Ryan’s indignant response and insistence on seeing the outfit. He angrily declared that he thought brides should only wear white if they were “pure” once it was revealed that it was white. His obsession with the past of OP, especially her loss of virginity at the age of 18, led to this revelation.

Ryan’s mother became involved in the dispute as well, siding with OP. Sensitive discussions over clothing symbolism transpired, with Ryan’s mother even calling Ryan’s stance inconsistent considering his own virginity loss.

Ryan persisted in his position, portraying men as having a different standard, even in the face of emotional exchanges.

The fallout destroyed OP’s faith in getting married to Ryan. Even though he wasn’t really religious, his fixation with her history irritated her and made her think critically about their relationship. On November24,2022, OP posted an update on the “Dating Advice” thread in an attempt to gain understanding. She disclosed that she had called off the engagement and was going on her first date in six years.

Commenting on her choice to call off her engagement, OP asked the Reddit community for advice as she navigated this new chapter and thought about what to dress on her first date. The story brought to light the difficulties in managing relationships, society expectations, and the value of self-respect.

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