She stole the heart of Tommy from «Peaky Blinders»! This is who became Murphy’s biggest love


It is difficult to find someone who is unaware of this gifted, popular, and in-demand actor, whose enormous impact to the Hollywood film industry cannot be overstated. Information regarding his personal life is scarce.

He has been blissfully married to artist Yvonne McGuinness for almost two decades, that much is certain. The iconic movie star met the future wife for the first time during the play “Disco Pigs,” which proved to be fatal for her.

The well-known pair doesn’t reveal many personal facts about their lives and appears in public seldom. They don’t use social media frequently. The family attempts to avoid the spotlight while they are in Ireland and enjoys their time there.

It is difficult to overstate Yvonne’s steadfast devotion and support for the renowned actor. The majority of Cillian’s time is spent with his cherished family, and he has little interest in show business.

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