Robert Irwin gets bitten in the face by same species snake which attacked late dad Steve Irwin – scary resemblance

The late Steve Irwin’s children, Robert and Bindi, both carry on their father’s legacy.

They share their father’s commitment to preserving Australia’s diverse range of species and biodiversity.

However, there are more similarities than that. A young Robert Irwin had caught his father’s same meeting on tape once.

Robert Irwin not only looks like his late father, but he has also taken on many of his characteristics, including his choice of profession. Another unsettling connection between the two men was recently posted on Instagram by the late wildlife warrior, but he could have done without it.

On Thursday, a young Robert Irwin posted an old video of his late father being bitten by a python snake. After handling the same snake and getting several bites on his nose and eyebrow, the young snake handler uploaded a video of the incident.


“It seems like yesterday. Decades apart, my dad and I were bitten by the same species of snake (carpet python),” Robert captioned the video. “As you can see, not all snake rescues go as planned. I found this python on the side of the road.”


Despite being animal lovers, both men bravely took the bites. Robert maintained the same calmness throughout the rescue that Steve had before tending to his injuries. He gave me a bite because I got a touch too close. They have teeth that are as sharp as tiny needles. This is the video’s url.

At the Australia Zoo, Terri Irwin, the late Steve Irwin’s wife, and his two children, Robert and Binda Irwin, are continuing his legacy and conservation work for wildlife.

Steve Irwin passed away in 2006 at the age of forty-four. As he was filming at the Great Barrier Reef, a stingray bit him. Robert Irwin was two years old when his father passed away.

Robert paid tribute to his father in September of last year, which happened to be both his father’s death anniversary and Australia’s Father’s Day. “I’m sending my love to those who are missing their dad today,” he wrote in a message on Father’s Day in Australia. I am thankful to be able to preserve my dad’s memory and legacy and I treasure all of our happy times together.


Like his late father, Robert Irwin has developed into a wonderful man. Steve would have been pleased with his son today for his efforts to preserve his legacy. To make other Steve Irwin and his family followers happy, share this article with them.

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