People called the poor dog ‘werewolf’ because they simply didn’t know what kind of animal he was

A strange being that resembled a “werewolf” was seen beside an orchard on the side of the road in Madera Ranchos, California. He was underweight, balding, and had a mangy patch of fur, so everyone was terrified to look at him.

For months, the animal’s spiky tail and hard, scaly skin discouraged people from approaching it. The only black fur remained on him was around his neck and head.

When he was walking by, people would avoid him because they thought he was sick and perhaps dangerous.

Thankfully, one day an angel in human form thought this puppy was worth her time. The woman decided to call for help after pausing to check on the sad dog.

Then another sympathetic woman, Megan Bowe, took the phone. Megan, the founder of Adoptable Rescued Pup, acknowledged, “I was on the verge of tears when I saw how bad off he was.” In actuality, he was near death. He was so depressed that he had trouble standing up.


Megan quickly came to the conclusion that this “werewolf” was actually a sick German shepherd mix that had been abandoned. She gave him the name King and drove him right away to the veterinary clinic.

King was suffering from a number of ailments, but Meghan and the doctors decided to handle each one separately. Surgery was necessary for his most serious health problems, which included scabies, a broken tail, and injury to his pelvis.


Megan stated, “My vet believes he was struck by a car, which would also account for the disarray in his tail.” “That damage occurred months ago, as it had already begun to mend improperly when I received him. He was also exceedingly thin and dehydrated because he was unable to move very far on his own to look for food because of his severely broken pelvis.

King was just a year old, but his health issues gave the impression that he was older. Due to his illnesses, some of which were communicable, Megan was forced to house him in an area apart from where she kept the other animals under her care.

King was fortunate enough to begin eating, and his daily ration increased.

King was prepared to have the much-needed surgery for his fractured tail and pelvis as his condition steadily improved.

And the procedures went well!

Megan thinks King will be eligible for adoption in the near future. It took him some time to regain his ability to walk, but with the help of Megan and the veterinarians, he managed to do the unimaginable and stand up once more. Her only wish is for him to be accepted into a caring family and be provided with a residence.

“It’s unbelievable that all those vehicles went by him without ever stopping. He looked so awful that no one wanted to help him or take him home. But one person was all that was needed, Megan added.

This world becomes a lot better place because of people like Megan, who was prepared to step in, and the woman who called for aid.

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