«Large breasts and thin hips at 60»: years passed but the figure of Lisa Rinna remained a big surprise for fans

Lisa Rinna’s distinct beauty has always made her followers happy. After appearing in the movies “Sex, Lies, and Obsession” and “Melrose District,” the actress rose to fame.

The author and businesswoman shared a picture of herself lounging on a lake in Canada not too long ago. After becoming a mother, Lisa is now married to actor Harry Hamlin and has two grown children. She had two daughters in 1998 and 2001, yet her figure has always been fantastic.

Lisa, 60, struck a seductive stance with her hands on her knees in this picture. For the supporters, it was startling. They took pleasure in the actress’s flawless physique. Her slender hips and ample breasts were seen in the photo.

The model had on a gorgeous straight-brimmed hat and was dressed in a black bikini. The actress had her eyes concealed by the hat. The picture’s beauty was enhanced by the lovely surroundings.

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