“In a desperate search for perpetual youth”: following plastic surgery, 69-year-old Basinger received negative feedback about her appearance.

Fans couldn’t accept that Kim Basinger was the victim of plastic surgery in these pictures.

It’s likely that everyone is familiar with this well-known American singer, actor, and model, who turned 9 this past weekend. The Hollywood star had numerous procedures, and as a result, her appearance has changed beyond recognition.

There are many who believe that the famous person has lost her beauty and charm. When it came to her most recent appearance, conversations about it started right away because it appeared that nothing remained of the cult celebrity.

“It’s impossible to see Kim here; this isn’t her!,” “This isn’t another attention-seeker,” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” “What a skeleton she’s become!” and “It’s difficult to recognize one of the hottest and most significant stars of the 1990s.”

“I can hardly recognize my favorite actress,” and “What led her to ruin her natural beauty?”

The well-known model and actress—did you identify her?

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