A Mom’s Baby Was Sucked Into A Tornado But When She Looked Up At A Tree Her Breath Caught In Her Throat

On December 9, a severe storm tore through a Tennessee mobile home, leaving extensive damage.

Parents Sydney Moore and Aramis Youngblood described the horrific struggle they went through when their four-month-old son were swept away into the storm.

Sydney, 22, gave a terrifying account of the moment the tornado tore off their mobile home’s roof as it got closer.

She imagined herself back in the cyclone that had lifted the bassinet containing her infant son, Lord, and her boyfriend, Aramis, frantically attempting to grab the child.

The bassinet holding my baby, Lord, was scooped up by the tornado’s tip as it descended. “He was the first item to go up,” Sydney stated to 9 News in Australia.

Lt. Steven Bryant of the Clarksville Fire Rescue, who was among the first responders, described the chaos that started when Sydney traveled almost a mile to seek help.

Aramis reported the horrific experience of trying to hold onto the spinning bassinet while the tornado was tearing around them.

Sydney explained how her instincts took over and she began to guard her one-year-old baby Princeton. In a flash, she made the decision to run and land on top of her son, shielding him from the collapsing walls.She remarked, “Something just told me to run and jump on top of my son.”

Almost unharmed, Sydney and her son Princeton made it out of the debris despite everything that had happened.

When the tornado passed, the search began for Lord. Sydney recounted the unusual sight of Aramis guiding Lord back through the ruins.

“I saw [Aramis] strolling through the forest while carrying Lord in the torrential downpour; his entire wardrobe was torn.” It resembled a scene from a movie, the woman said on Good Morning America.

Lt. Steven Bryant said the area seemed to be a combat zone.Bryant told GMA, “She came running to me and gave me the baby, and I could hear the baby crying, so I thought, that’s good,” clearly happy that Lord was spared any serious injuries.

Sydney referred to Lord’s placement as a “little tree cradle,” and in spite of their first worries, they found that he was in good health. While it was raining, the parents’ life took an amazing turn.

“I believed [Lord] to be deceased. I had a good feeling he was dead and there was no chance we would find him. But thanks to God’s goodness,” Sydney said.

You don’t even need to ask that question. My spouse would do the same thing.

Sydney Moore’s sister Caitlyn Moore made the decision to launch a GoFundMe page in order to assist the family after their house and automobile were completely damaged.

Lord the infant was slightly injured; he needed glue to close an ear cut and had a concussion. Caitlyn described the manner he was placed on the tree as peaceful, like an angel had brought him there.

By December 20, 2023, the GoFundMe campaign had earned just over $105,000, exceeding its original goal and giving the family much-needed support in buying a new house, furniture, car, insurance, and other necessities.

What an amazing tale! This incredible tale amply illustrates the idea that miracles do happen!

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