25 Years Later They Laugh At Critics Who Said Marriage Wouldn’t Last

Even though some may question their capacity to maintain a marriage over time, a lot of people choose to be married. This frequently occurs when we marry young or when our spouses don’t think we’re mature enough to take on the responsibilities of the marriage.

A young couple who were likewise viewed with suspicion got married in 1995 and remained together for a quarter of a century. They were also the first Down syndrome couple to get married in the United Kingdom.

These days, we frequently hear of Down syndrome individuals getting married. But at the time, it was unprecedented and the first time in history that a couple with Down syndrome had exchanged vows.


But people with Down syndrome can overcome the obstacles, just like those without any other impairment, and Tommy and Maryanne Pilling achieved just that. In fact, a lot of people who question their ability find encouragement in them.

In 1971, Maryanne was born. She lived in a caring environment thanks to her mother Linda Martin, and she also had a loving sister. She did, however, nonetheless have periods of hardship and even experienced her father’s rejection.


But she became a really caring woman since she was reared in a loving home. It was evident in her vivacious demeanor.


Tommy was the only kid born in 1958. He was abandoned when he was twelve years old, and he was raised in an Essex care facility. Due to his lack of social support, he did have delayed development, and he was indifferent to his physical appearance.


They were both employed in the kitchen of a training home for the disabled when they first crossed paths in 1990. At the time, she was 19 and he was 32.

Maryanne would always light up when she talked about Tommy, so it was obvious how she felt about him. They were both interested in music, cooking, movies, and crafts, among other things.

Tommy shared a deep affection for Elvis Pressley, and the two of them frequently danced together. Additionally, he would express his affection for her, and ultimately the family grew accustomed to his presence.

He requested her mother for permission to marry her daughter, and eighteen months after they first started dating, he proposed to her. The mother bestowed her blessings without any delay.

Some, on the other hand, were not quite as enthusiastic about the prospect of the two of them becoming married. Some even inquired about their sexual lives, while others claimed she wasn’t prepared for it.

They were publicly chastised, but in 1995 they tied the knot. The wedding was a fantasy for them; 250 guests attended.

After seven years of cohabitation with her family, they moved into the flat next door. Her sibling relocated with them as well.

He pays close attention to what she says, which is one of the reasons they are so close. They genuinely love one another and never have any sort of ulterior motive.

Tommy unfortunately had to check himself into a hospital in 2020 after receiving a COVID and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. He passed away as a result of his failing health. On January 1, 2021, that happened.

She appeared to understand when the news was delivered to her, but she was still a little taken aback by the circumstances. We are just happy that they remained in love with one another for nearly thirty years.

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