Woman gave an ultimatom to her daughter, after she said that she couldn’t stop her son

In the r/AITA community on Reddit, a mother posted a problem. The woman said she had been married twice, and her children ranged in age from 7 to 9 years old for her youngest daughter, who is 25, to 25 for her oldest daughter.

The mother revealed that her kids think Santa is real and that he will deliver gifts to them under the Christmas tree. The speaker went on to say that her daughter had a youngster who doesn’t think Santa exists. She was worried that her grandson would spoil Christmas for her younger kids.

The OP made the decision to have a conversation with her daughter about the matter. She revealed to her that she had advised her daughter to speak with her grandson in order to prevent him from discussing Santa during the holiday season. Her daughter replied that she would not force her son to lie about Santa, adding that her half-siblings were old enough to comprehend that fairy tales are not real.


Then, OP revealed that she had told her daughter that she either spend Christmas in her own apartment or talk to her son about it. Her daughter expressed her displeasure over the matter, claiming that her mother is being unreasonable and favoring her siblings above her on an absurdity.

He claimed that she treated her daughter harshly, even though the OP said that her spouse supports her choice. “I just want to keep the Christmas magic alive,” the user stated. She was looking to the Redditors for advice.


Redditors who read the story said that the original poster handled the matter poorly and that she was wrong in what she did.


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