“The man found an abandoned baby on a bench. And after 10 years, something remarkable awaited him.”

A conflict between my spouse and I will come when my parents support him. They claim that I have a challenging personality and am capable of making a mountain out of a molehill. What truly surprised me, though, was their refusal to accept me when I went to them after yet another fight.

My husband got home from work that day and asked me to make dinner right away. I clarified that today was my day off. I met with a friend, got my nails done, and proceeded to the beauty salon. I was too busy to make dinner. At that point, he began to yell at me. “I’ve been working all day so you can visit beauty parlors with our money.”

And you can’t even prepare our son and I a basic evening meal of soup? His tone and the words he said were the last straw for me. I told him everything; I didn’t remain mute. Even as I packed my belongings and dressed my son, I yelled. Not even my spouse attempted to stop me. He did nothing but wait for the dinner to arrive while lounging on the couch.

I made the decision to see my folks. However, they declined to accept me. My mother said, “Take your son and leave our apartment.” How could she accept his position? She advised me to focus more on taking care of my family rather than on beauty parlors.


Furthermore, my father claimed that he would have expelled me long ago if I had been his wife. Nothing could be done. I had to tell my husband I was sorry when I returned home. However, I still find it hard to believe my parents turned me away.

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