She puts a wet towel on the window every night, after reading this you will do the same

The sweltering summer months are almost approaching, which makes it quite difficult to sleep at night.

The fact that everyone of us has an air conditioner is the most sensible thing.

But not everyone can afford this cooling system’s luxury. You can save money and get a good night’s sleep with these 6 easy tips.

1. A cushion within the refrigerator


Though it sounds a little odd, it really does work! To prevent it from getting wet, you can keep the pillow in your refrigerator for the entire day and cover it with a plastic bag. When it’s time for bed, you can use the cool cushion like a regular pillow or tuck it beneath your covers.

2. A damp cloth by the window


Using a damp or cold cloth, you can lower the temperature in the space. On warmer nights, open the window and place a damp towel inside to act as a natural air conditioner.

Third, ice cubes in front of the air conditioner


Simply place an ice plate in front of the ventilator to cool the room before you turn in. Also, this works incredibly well.

#4. Take out all the room’s heating sources.

Take out of the bedroom any electronic equipment that generates a lot of heat. In particular, as they are charging, they emit and transmit extra heat, raising the ambient temperature.

#5. A cold foot soak in a bathtub

Not only can a single cold bath relieve your heat, but it will also facilitate a more restful sleep. When you cool down your legs, the body automatically responds by boosting blood flow to that area of the body. The whole body will experience relaxation and a calming influence from it.

#6: Sodden socks

Particularly on warmer nights, wearing wet socks will feel refreshing. Simply place the socks in the freezer before donning them. You’re in for a cold night and a beautiful dream!

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