Man notices his child’s skin is too dark, does DNA test behind his wife’s back

A 29-year-old guy received backlash for what he did behind his wife’s back after taking to Reddit to ask about a delicate situation he was in.

He began by stating that he had been dating his black wife for about a year when they decided to be married. She became pregnant, which was one of the reasons they married so quickly.

They were certain they made the correct decision, and their union worked out beautifully. The two of them were extremely happy together.

But after their son was born, everything was different.

It should be noted that the man shared the story after the couple had already welcomed two children—a daughter, three, and a boy, five, at the time.

The man began to wonder something after his daughter was born, but it was about his son rather than the baby girl. He clarified that although his daughter was whiter than her mother, his son was significantly darker than his wife. This made people suspect the individual as well as those in his immediate vicinity, such as his friends and relatives.


The father wrote on Facebook, “He is noticeably darker than my wife.”

But despite his misgivings, he chose to trust his wife because he loved his son, even though there was a chance the boy wasn’t his.


His misgivings grew when the couple’s daughter, who was lighter-skinned and had blue eyes, arrived. Most importantly, he observed that his family formed stronger bonds with his daughter than with his son.


The father wrote among the others, “I never realized how powerful it is to know a child is yours.”

He never revealed his doubts to his son or wife, though, in spite of everything. He claimed that he gave each of his kids the same treatment.

Soon afterward, he became resentful of his son. “It felt unfair that I had to care for someone else’s child,” he stated in his letter. “I finally got a paternity test in secret,” the man later said, adding, “I also started to resent my wife because I felt she had betrayed me.”

The boy was his, according to the test findings. The woman was not even aware of her husband’s worries or the results of the DNA test, but the guy was relieved and their relationship improved dramatically.

They discussed having a third kid as well.

The man’s life looked to be coming together, but he couldn’t accept that he had taken the test without telling his wife. He felt that she would comprehend his motivations for doing this, so after giving it some serious thought, he chose to disclose her.

Rather, his spouse became enraged and inquired if he had also doubted their daughter; upon his response that he hadn’t, she labeled him as a racist.

A paternity test report based on DNA using a pen and stethoscope. 

The dad denied being racist and said that he didn’t think his daughter had “whiter features,” but rather that her similarity to him indicated that she was his child. However, he denied that he had treated their son like his own and refuted his wife’s accusations that he had made their son feel abandoned for years and without cause.

Although his wife didn’t overreact, redditors agreed that what he did was completely inappropriate and that she had every right to be upset with him. He deserved to be labeled racist by many.

The statement that the boy’s family didn’t connect with the man because he was darker caused one user’s skin to crawl.

One more person stated that the man ought to hope his son never learns what he done.

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