“His daughter is put up for adoption without his consent: her father does everything to get her back.”

Kelly McGillis, a stunning blond woman, turned 66 today. She is a familiar face to many of you from the film “Top Gun.” Kelly was a cool civilian instructor and astrophysicist named Charlie.

Would you like to see how her appearance has evolved over the past 37 years?

Kelly has been captured on camera by paparazzi in recent days. McGillis was unable to get away from nosy photographers. Remarks like “How she has aged,”She has not been spared by old age.

“What were your expectations? There have been statements like “She’s 66,” “Age doesn’t look good on anyone,” and “Fans hoped she would stay young and agile forever.”


Online users who recognize her from a Tom Cruise movie remark that she “presents well for her age” and call her a “beautiful actress.”

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